Eris Mathematical view

"Mathematics is an independent woman. She can stand alone among the other sciences but at the same time she's the mother of them."


Knowledge should be disseminated.


For the love of Mathematics

Illustrated Theory of Numbers

Writing, illustrating, and publishing a text.

Point at Infinity

Updated at finite intervals


...quality lib. none like it.

Ecstasy Shots

My poetry of logical ideas

samuelson mathxp

An Introduction to Differential & Integral Calculus.

The Renaissance Mathematicus

Just another weblog

DK Math Stats Blog

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DK Math Stats

Math & Stats Resources

Magic Date Square

Make your date remembered

What's on my blackboard?

Show your mathematics to the world!

Numbers Magic

Magic Squares, Selfie Numbers and Information Measures

Learn Fun Facts

An Archive of Curious Facts for the Curious


math stuff


The world of algorithms and intuitive thinking... and random thoughts.

Theories and Theorems

Ramblings on Math and Physics and Stuff